North Western wakes upto a shower of golden rays each dawn. Blessings of the sun god ensuring the wind, the rain & the harvest from the soil and hope for the people. 129 years ago North Western had the blessings of another nature. A blessing that brought in its wake the spirit of love ,kindness, human values, knowledge and the empowerment of those who were touched by it. December 1882 saw the birth of a school that is renowned for its contribution to the nation. Like the sun god at dawn showering Kuliyapitiya with rays of learning each passing day. In the era of Mr. M.P.S Rupas it was named Saranath College and beholds the culture enriched in human values.

Saranath College, Being one of the premier Buddhist schools in the country with a history of nearly 130 years founded by Mr. M. A. Silva in 1st of December 1882 as “Aanduwe Kuliyapitiya Swabaasha Pirimi Lamainge Paatashalaawa” has conquered a reputed & tremendous journey.

Saranath College is our pride of Sathkoralaya, which journey travelled is as majestic as it is monumental. Saranath, having maintained its pristine glory for 129 years as the 1st Buddhist school in North Western, is now inching towards celebrating its 130th Anniversary in December 2012. From its inception Mother Saranath initiates her education in a wooden house, had a continuous struggle to meet the demand for more space and Buildings as patriotic parents of all races from all parts of the region who knew what was best for their children. This web site has been developed and published under the guidance of former principal Mr. RMC Randeni. Today Saranath College perform forward under the guidance of the current principal Mr. RPD Jayathilaka.


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